Happy Holidays

From Marcus Thomas
This holiday season, we’re looking back to a year when the music was loud, the hair was big, and the egos were even bigger. We’re exposing the best/worst holiday season the partners at Marcus Thomas ever had. Happy Holidays and enjoy the ride.

Beyond the Ballad

The Story of Collateral
Mark, Joanne, Jim and Joe. Successful marketers and, once upon a time, a mostly unsuccessful hair metal band. Should they have quit the band? Watch the videos and cast your vote.

See the documentary about Collateral and their accidental, ego-fueled rise to fame.

See Collateral’s music video for their holiday hit “Sweet Tooth for You.”

Yes, let's light this candle!
Nah, dude, Max Headroom these guys.
Should the band get back together?
Let's get the band back together.